10 Movie Endings So Bad They Ruined The Movie, According To Reddit

It doesn’t matter how amazing most of a movie is; if he fails to stick the landing, it could spoil the whole experience and leave a bad taste in the audience’s mouth. And Redditors have their fair share of movies that were ruined for them when the final act happened.

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Between a thrilling mystery film that fails to tie everything together, a Stephen King adaptation that strays from the source material, and a clever x-men film that becomes too cliché, these films are perfect for the first hour and a half. And while most of them are in line with the general consensus, there are some massive unpopular opinions.


Now You See Me (2013)

A scene from the disappointing ending of Now You See Me

Now you see me is a fun action crime movie, and the series has enough fans that there is a huge demand for Now you see me 3. But as entertaining as the films are for the way magic tricks are used as backdrops and catalysts for massive action sequences, the first film fails at the final hurdle. Tortuga808 argues that “the ending makes the whole movie useless”.

At the end of the film, it is revealed that the Horsemen team was created by Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo), the FBI agent who was on the case, in order to get revenge for his father’s death. The big reveal causes so many plot holes no magic trick could hide, and another reddit user deleted notes that “Ruffalo looked embarrassed during those final scenes.”

The Wolverine (2013)

There are lots of things The glutton turned out well, like the darker themes and the Japanese setting, both of which are reasons why Ryzenraider think the first two acts of the movie are great. However, that’s until “they put on the Silver Samurai, just introduced a huge tonal shift, and solved it all with over-the-top VFX combat.”

It was impossible for the film directed by James Mangold The glutton be worse than its predecessor, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but that sets the bar low, and Silver Samurai prevented the 2013 release from being a top X-Men movie. The same could be said for Logan, also directed by Mangold. The film tells an even better story about Wolverine as Old Man Logan, but in the film’s final act he simply faces a clone of himself.

The Mist (2007)

An image of David Drayton crying in The Mist

While most Redditors draw attention to the latest acts criticized by the majority, MikeyMGM is one of the few with a massively unpopular opinion. The Redditor claims that Mist was ruined by the very last scene, which is one of the most shocking and emotionally draining moments in movie history.

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As David knows his whole family is going to be torn apart by the creatures, he prevents this from happening by shooting them in the head. But moments later, the mist quickly lifts, revealing that the military is coming to everyone’s rescue. In all fairness, Stephen King’s original novel has a different ending, but according to cinema mixKing loves the twist added by director Frank Darabont.

The Matrix Resurrections (2021)

Keanu Reeves as Neo and Carrie Anne Moss as Trinity in Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections was the last sequel everyone was asking for, but despite its polarizing reception, there are some great moments in the film, and it has its own fan base. Shrek3onDVDandbluray is one of those fans who appreciated the meta approach he had to the franchise, and that’s one of the ways the Matrix the series can continue.

But the Reddit user thinks the film flopped when it morphed into a numbers action flick, saying it “went from an interesting film and setting to plot and at the end the most generic”. In the final act, Resurrections morphs into a shell of its old self, and the action sequences don’t hold a candle to those that influenced a generation in the 1999 original.

We (2019)

Lupita Nyong'o in We

Following his spectacular directorial debut get out was a difficult task, but for the most part Jordan Peele accomplished it with the most terrifying We. The film follows a family who are stalked by their doppelgangers, and it’s soon revealed that the same thing happens to everyone in America.

Hot-Phone1077 explains that while they think the movie is great, “the ending is slightly illogical and makes everything before it less scary the more you think about it.” The film has a clever twist, but the more viewers watch it, the less sense it makes as more plotlines are exposed. We is almost the opposite of movies that get better with every rewatch.

Downsizing (2017)

TVuniverse think about the end of Downsizing ruined what was otherwise a great movie. Fans tend to know what to expect from movies written and directed by Alexander Payne; an irreverent comedy about a middle-aged protagonist who has a sort of nihilistic view of the future. It’s no different with sci-fi comedy Downsizingonly the tone and even the genre change completely in the film’s final act.

The 2017 film turns into a Charlie Kaufman-style absurd comedy-drama about climate change. It always goes in an interesting direction, but given that Downsizing was totally mismarketed as a laugh-out-loud comedy, the ending undoubtedly irked most viewers.

Lucia (2014)

Scarlett Johannson in Lucy

Directed by Luc Besson Lucy is a great cross between the action of John Wick and Nikita, a French film also directed by Besson which follows a female hitman. But Gvondra has a problem with the ending, saying that “the whole movie requires maximum suspension of disbelief. But the shallow sophomore ending destroys everything.”

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There are a few too many double crosses, almost to the point where it’s comical. And while the action sequences are inspiring, the ending prevents it from being considered one of the most thrilling action movies of the past decade. But it was still good enough for fans to want to see a sequel, even if it’s not entirely possible.

Point Break (1991)

Breaking point is an entertaining and ridiculous film in which an FBI agent (Keanu Reeves) becomes an undercover surfer to infiltrate a group of bank-robbing criminal surfers. It’s a ’90s classic and sees Reeves in one of his most iconic roles, but HardSteelRain has a big problem with the end of the movie.

The Redditor rhetorically asks, “you let him do what? After what he did?”, referring to how FBI Agent Johnny Utah lets a criminal go surfing instead of detaining him, then throws his badge in the ocean. While it’s ridiculous, it’s no more ridiculous than anything that came before it, and it’s perfectly in keeping with the theatrics of the film.

The Box (2009)

Richard Kelly is a once-hit director, as his directorial debut was the incredible cult hit Donnie Darko, but since then has failed to match that success. The closest he came was with The boxbut Worn fit comments that it earned a rare “F” rating from CinemaScore and I think the ending is the only reason for that.”

The 2009 film raises an incredible moral dilemma, and it would normally make for an incredible story. In the 2009 film, a couple is given a box with a button on top, and if they press the button, they will receive a million dollars but a random person will be murdered. During the first two-thirds of the film, more mystery and intrigue are created, but unfortunately it fails miserably to tie everything together.

Last Night in Soho (2021)

Sandie rides in Jack's car in Last Night in Soho.

Like the literal content of the film itself, the narrative of Last night in Soho is all smoke and mirrors, that’s what makes it so exciting at the edge of the seat. Unfortunately, Nayapapaya feels that the ending undoes everything great about the film’s first hour and a half.

The Redditor argues that “the entire final act of this movie, once we get to the reveal, is so poorly written that it actively refutes any point the movie was trying to make about the issues it was trying to address. .” Just like with Wright’s previous version, baby driverthe 2021 film failed to make the landing, even though the fast pace and inventive camera techniques make most of the film such a wild ride.

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