‘A Deadly Education’: Ms. Marvel’s Meera Menon Directs the Film

A school without black teachers Magic to vulnerable students, who all face a 50/50 chance of graduating or dying… it doesn’t really sound like a place with Hogwarts’ (Comparatively) strong safety record, right? In the strange, mana-infused world of A deadly education and its high-stakes magic academy, the Scholomance, well… things are just a bit more intense.

This darker, more mature brand of magical academics would form the backdrop for an upcoming fancy movie based on A deadly educationthe first in The Scholomance best-selling author Naomi Novik’s trilogy of books. Deadline reports that Universal images took over the rights to the processing of the film, the staging Ms. Marvel alum Meera Menon as director.

The quick reading of the book on the screen exploits the still resounding success of the novel: A deadly education made its debut end of 2020 and the following month had jumped to a place on The New York Times‘ list of bestsellers. It has since been followed by the pair of novels that complete the trilogy: Last Year The last graduate and the latest post The golden enclaves.

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At the center of the story is young protagonist Galadriel “El” Higgins, a magically gifted Scholomance-style junior with a ton of heavy family baggage who enters the eerily isolating institution with a whopper of a doomed prophecy suspended. above her head: Thanks to a famous and insightful seer (who happens to be El’s great-great-grandmother), she’s supposedly well on her way to becoming a very powerful witch — and, even more disturbing, a villain.

While there’s room for El to socialize with other students at the oddly impersonal school, she’s not making much progress with her peers – and to top things off, there’s no teachers. Instead, the Scholomance itself manifests its own magical agenda, while malevolent, magic-hungry monsters called maleficaria (or simply “evils”) hover near the mana-rich environment, keeping a constant vigil for their next. student snack.

El “can be without allies”, as the book synopsis teases, “but she has a dark power strong enough to level mountains and wipe out millions of people. It would be easy enough for El to defeat the monsters lurking in the school. The problem? Her powerful dark magic could also kill all of them. the other students.

Now a major creative name thanks to recent directorial shifts for Ms. Marvel at Disney+, Menon made his film debut in 2013 with the critically acclaimed low-budget road trip comedy Farah gets fucked hard. She has since raised her profile considerably by directing Anna Gunn (breaking Bad) and James Purefoy (Altered carbon, Pennyworth) in 2016 Equitywhile directing episodes of major genre series on the small screen, including The Walking Dead, Westworldand For all mankind.

Writers Emily Carmichael (Jurassic World Dominion) and feature film newcomer Shantha Susman would adapt the script, with Todd Lieberman (Tic and Tac: Rescue Rangers, Wonder) and David Hoberman (The fighter, Wonder) producing. So far there is no first word on the cast or a release date for A deadly educationnext magic matriculation in theaters.

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