‘AAO NXT’ Original Film ‘Four’ Wins Indian Telly Streaming Award 2022 for Best Directing & Screenwriting

Bhubaneshwar (Odisha) [India], Oct 11 (ANI/PNN): “Four”, an original film from Odisha’s leading independent OTT platform, “AAO NXT”, won the Indian Telly Streaming Awards 2022 on Friday in the category of “Best Director” and “Best screenwriter”. September 30, 2022. Abhishek Swain received the Best Director award and Abhishek Swain and Subhashree Pattanayak both became Best Screenwriters. The film is an anthology of different stories with extraordinary and unique concepts. It’s a mysterious eight-person journey where secrets and crimes get dirtier. About this achievement, Kaushik Das, Founder and CEO of AAO NXT, said, “As a startup platform, we are trying to reach the international level for our niche audience who yearn to witness something. which was made with his choice in mind. It is extremely difficult to meet their expectations and we have successfully achieved it. Congratulations to the whole team – “Four” for their outstanding performance. AAO NXT hopes to continue to be on top in the years to come.”

Ram Patnaik, Co-Founder and CFO of ‘AAO NXT’ said, “Abhishek and Subhashree have pushed ‘Four’ through their dedication to such an extent that audience expectations have reached their zenith. Ollywood is definitely getting richer. thanks to this quality of work and AAO NXT intends to continue this legacy.” He also added, “Looking at the glorious success of ‘FOUR,’ me and Kaushik are extremely eager to get the film licensed in the Hindi, Bengali and Malayalam versions of IPR for wider reach.” AAO NXT is Odisha’s leading independent OTT platform aimed at delivering web series, feature films and documentaries in a wide variety of genres, serving the needs of 50 million Odias across the world who are deprived of quality cinema/content in their mother tongue. We believe in bringing about a revolutionary change in entertainment on par with the evolution of the international filmmaking/showcasing scenario.

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