Actor Tom Chacko avoids the media after seeing his film Panthrand

Malayalam actor Shine Tom Chacko is gearing up for the release of his upcoming film Adithathu, which will hit theaters on July 1. Recently, Shine attended a screening of his latest film Panthrand. Reporters wanted to speak to the actor but Shine quickly left.

Panthrand received decent reviews from audiences. Many applauded the splendid and brilliant visuals. There were some criticisms of the film’s second half, however.

Although he was appreciated for his acting, the public was unable to understand why Shine was unwilling to speak to the media. Shine also wore a hat and mask so he couldn’t be identified.

Talking Panthrand, describes the journey of twelve gangsters who return after being involved in a violent incident. When they return, they are shocked to find a stranger in their van. They are suspicious of the man and what happens next forms the heart of Panthrand’s story.

Besides Shine, Jayakrishnan, Lal, Little Darshan, Dev Mohan and others are there in Panthrand. Funded by Skypass Entertainment, Panthrand was released on June 24. Panthrand was written and directed by Leo Thaddeus.

According to incoming reviews, Shine has put himself in the shoes of his character Pathro. His dialogue performance was particularly appreciated. Swaroop Shoba Shankar’s cinematography also garners numerous accolades. Its ability to capture beautiful visuals has been praised.

According to critics, every frame in this film has been put together beautifully. These frames give a certain aura to the characters in the film, especially after their transformation process.

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