Announcement of the new Dean of the School of Visual and Performing Arts | News

As part of MGT’s board report, the new dean will lead Texas A&M’s new School of Visual and Performing Arts beginning May 1.

Department of Visualization Associate Professor Tim McLaughlin, Class of 1990 and 1994, will lead the school as it begins its new term at the university, according to an April 28 press release from Acting Provost and Executive Vice President Tim Scott, Class of 1989 As part of the Path Forward Task Force No. 10, McLaughlin developed and implemented plans for the new school.

As the founding head of the College of Architecture’s visualization department, McLaughlin tripled the size of the department, added the undergraduate visualization department as well as minors in art and game design and development during his 2008 tenure at 2020. Upon assuming the position of Dean in 2008, the department received an Excellence Recognition Award from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

“Throughout his career, McLaughlin’s work has focused on the integration of science, technology and the arts,” the press release reads. “He is committed to developing academic programs, interdisciplinary approaches to research and creative work.”

Prior to starting work at A&M, McLaughlin was involved in the California film industry at Industrial Light & Music and Lucasfilm Animation.

“He has led teams of artists and engineers developing computer graphics techniques for digital creatures into award-winning visual effects for movies,” the statement read. “His 15-feature track record includes ‘Mars Attacks!’, ‘Star Wars: Episode I’, ‘Van Helsing’, ‘War of the Worlds’ and groundbreaking virtual production techniques on James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ prototype .'”