Bad news from the film industry one after another, now this actress has her neck broken

With good and bad experiences, people started Arsh 2022 with new hopes and aspirations, but the new year started well in life and badly in life. The new year started very painfully for Austrian actress and singer Alli Simpson. For two reasons, the actress had to face the possibility of going to the hospital until New Year’s Eve. The start of the new year is full of sadness for singer Alli Simpson. One is that while diving into the self-harm pool, she broke her neck bone and the other is that she was affected by covid. The actress shared a post and shared her tearful condition and said the start of 2022 was not good for her.

Continuing, Alli continued, “Sometimes life is going to take a big turn in the blink of an eye, 2022 hasn’t started well for me, even a broken neck and positive corona. I dove into the pool and hit my head on the bottom of the pool. An x-ray, a CT scan was performed on New Year’s Eve and then an MRI to detect 2 serious throat fractures. The ambulance went straight to the hospital where the neurosurgeon examined him. She further wrote that she revealed that no immediate surgery was needed, but that I will have to stay with a hard neck brace for four months and 24 hours until my neck is completely healed. I’m really happy to survive, the spine is saved …

Let us tell you, Alli further wrote: “The way I look at these four months, it seems like 4 months, it’s a short time, but I will spend the rest of my life happy and healthy. … You may think, I was in limitless tears and thanked all the furry heads for watching me. That would be saying less – I have a new life and I will always be grateful it wasn’t too bad. ‘ Alli is 23. She was seen in the Australian version of The Masked Singer and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

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