Bill Maher miffed over Jamie Foxx movie on shelves but abortion? It doesn’t affect my life

Bill Maher caused an uproar on social media after his HBO show “Real Time” on Friday night when he said abortion “doesn’t affect my life. I don’t get anyone pregnant,” while complaining about what Is affect it – the shelving of Jamie Foxx and Shonda Rhimes’ projects due to racially sensitive issues.

The conversation began with Maher telling his panelists – Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell and Commentary Magazine’s Noah Rothman – that he didn’t care when televangelist Jerry Falwell claimed the purple Teletubby was gay. “I’m not into the Teletubbies,” said Maher, who immediately flipped the subject. “Now? I want to see the Jamie Foxx movie. This affects my life.

Foxx told CinemaBlend earlier this week that his 2016 film “All-Star Weekend” was shelved due to some of its more outrageous characters, including Robert Downey Jr. as the Mexican man. “It’s been difficult with the lay of the land when it comes to comedy,” Foxx said. “We try to open up the sensitive corners where people start laughing again.”

Maher was quite irritated by the film’s derailment, saying, “I’m sure this movie is great, and because a small group of people…it’s your opinion…why should it your opinion check what I see?”

The panel spoke about current Supreme Court decisions, including the overturning of Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose. “There are all kinds of crazy people who want to do all kinds of things. Let’s stick to what’s really going on. We took away the right to abortion. It’s true. OKAY. But again, it does not affect my life. I don’t get anyone pregnant,” he said.

The panel pointed out that many people nowadays censor themselves – or control what they say to avoid being reprimanded or “cancelled”. Maher cited as an example a report from earlier this month that the writers’ room of the “Grey’s Anatomy” spin-off “Station 19” came to a screeching halt when a white writer penned numerous racial slurs into a script. by a racist character.

“It’s a Shonda Rhimes show; this is a fire station,” Maher began. “One of the characters is a racist, and they had the character in an outline using a racist term for Latinos. I’m not going to step in and quote it. And that’s a word I don’t think people should use. , but he is a racist character. If not, how would you describe [a racist] character?!… So they shut down the whole show because of a single spoken word, uttered by a character, not a member of the writing staff, a character.”

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Maher read a statement from the production: “We will not creatively come together…We will not continue with business as usual until recent and systemic issues have been resolved and healing has been achieved. started.”

“What?!” Maher said. “Like it’s a reactor track, excuse me. OK. What, they found legionnaires in the building? They had to close the show? How can a country survive with people at the level of this kind of fragility?

He continued. “I would put money aside so that none of them actually think their colleagues in the writers room are ticking ticking time bombs of violent bigotry.”

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