Bollywood: Taapsee Pannu seizes the short film by Sudhir Mishra which has no title yet

Excited about the project, Pannu said, “The story is unique and never done before, it is a socio-political drama that spans two generations with the pandemic as a backdrop. I couldn’t be more thrilled to work with a brilliant filmmaker like Sudhir Sir who is so solid in his craft. And above all, it’s like coming home working again with Anubhav Sir and Bhushan Sir. Anubhav Sir knows how to channel the best of me. Being surrounded by masterful filmmakers like these is a blessed experience.

According to Mishra, the film is about “the idea of ​​being young, how one generation passes the baton to the next”.

He said: “Personally, it’s one of those stories for me that leaves an indelible mark on you and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to bring it to life. Taapsee is easily one of today’s top performers. She has carved out a niche for herself that includes groundbreaking films. His spirit is what will elevate the film.

T-Series producer Kumar also expressed his joy at being associated with the film.

“This film boasts of a dream team. Anubhav, Sudhir, Taapsee are ready to embark on one of the most moving stories I’ve read in recent times. I’m so happy to have such prolific filmmakers on board to create this anthology. And we couldn’t have started on a more positive note. I’m so excited to see the team bring this story to the finish line. It’s a great story and these artists are sure to make a wonderful film out of it,” he shared.

Besides the short film, Pannu also has “Woh Ladki Hai Kahaan?”, “Blurr” and “Shabaash Mithu” among others in the pipeline.