Break-in attempts at FRC, Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy

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Two cultural organizations that have been at the forefront of cultural development and preservation, the Monsignor Patrick Anthony Folk Research Center (FRC) and the Silver Shadow Dance Academy, have been victims of two attempted break-ins in l space of two weeks.

The two organizations that are housed in the Intramacs building, formerly home to Monroe College, are engaged in documentation, research teaching, and training.

They do not keep cash on their premises.

The FRC is currently in the process of rebuilding its archives following the fire that destroyed its premises and archival holdings in Mount Pleasant, to ensure that present and future generations fully understand and appreciate the immense richness and value of our culture.

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The management of the FRC and the Silver Shadow Dance Academy denounce the behavior of the individuals behind these attempted break-ins and appeal to members of the public to assist them in the collective safeguarding of their places of operations and the valuable archives and documents they keep for public use.

Our wealth is rooted in our collaborators, our research and our documentation, which we freely share with all without discrimination. We want to do this for present and future generations.

Source: Monsignor Patrick Anthony Folklore Research Center. Main photo: image stored on the Internet.

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