Cannes Film Festival 2022: what is changing this year?

Changes are also made for environmental reasons. In a press release, the Cannes Film Festival explains that it has replaced its 40-year-old partner, Renaultwith BMW, which will provide hybrid and electric vehicles for the various trips over the fortnight. Perhaps a way to match the prestige of the Festival, by providing guests with top-of-the-range cars.

The Cannes Film Festival targets the younger generation

This is a first for film events: the Cannes Film Festival will also be accessible to everyone on ICT Tac. The platform with almost a billion users is one of the official partners of the Festival. She invited content creators on the red carpet to participate in the event and share it with their various communities. Among them, the creator Nikket tutorials with 5.3 million subscribers and the creator Terryltamwho will greet celebrities on the steps and ask them questions live.

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This partnership with ICT Tac even makes it possible to create a new prize, this time among Internet users: “a TikTok jury” made up of Khaby Lame – the most famous on the platform with its 100 million subscribers – will reward the best video from 30 seconds to 3 minutes on May 20 in the presence of the general delegate of the Cannes Film Festival, Thierry Fremeaux.

A new president for the Cannes Film Festival and more women

2022 finally marks a new presidency for the Cannes Film Festival. July 1, Iris Knobloch will take over from Pierre Lescure and become the first woman to preside over the Cannes Film Festival. The 76-year-old former journalist has held the title of President of the Festival for the past 6 years, during two terms.

Iris Knoblocha lawyer who made a career in the film industry and helped launch the streaming platform HBO Max, should give a new direction to the Festival. For several years, the Festival has been reluctant to include films from streaming giants in its official selection. That could change now under the vision of this new president.

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