Chief Secretary slams Bloomberg ‘misleading’ over reporting Batman movie canceled

Chief Administration Secretary Eric Chan Kwok-ki wrote to Bloomberg on Sunday denouncing as misstated a report that Hong Kong had canceled screenings of the Batman movie due to national security law. .

“We thought the reporting should have been accurate from the start,” Chan claimed, noting that Bloomberg revised the report to describe the film’s cancellation from “national security concerns” to “factors of violence.”

“This undermines freedom of speech and expression in Hong Kong,” Chan said.

On Friday, Bloomberg published a report revealing that Hong Kong authorities have canceled the screening of 2008 film The Dark Knight which was scheduled for October 27 for an outdoor venue and put Iron Man instead, citing concerns national security of government officials. .

The show’s organizer, The Grounds, later announced the cancellation was due to the Office for Film Newspaper and Article Administration, considering the film’s violent scenes would not be “appropriate” for live screenings. outdoors.

Partial clips of The Dark Knight were filmed in 2007 in Hong Kong, including scenes of a clash between Batman and a Chinese accountant who fled to Hong Kong and served for a criminal syndicate.

Last November, the Hong Kong government issued and enforced the Film Censorship (Amendment) Ordinance 2021 and updated Film Censorship Guidelines for Censors for censors to consider whether a film “would be contrary to the interests of national security” before its release, and set up a Film Censorship Authority panel to reject the screening of a film without a Hong Kong court warrant.