City Bisco | The Mann Center for the Performing Arts | 06/19/2022

The Disco Cookies introduced City Bisco last weekend in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during the iconic Mann Center for the Performing Arts. They gathered a number of their talented friends to join the jamtronica effort, including The new deal, Bob Moses, Township Rebellionand LP Giobbi on a picture perfect June afternoon. These bands brought warmth and excitement, with special guests, reverse songs, Disco Biscuits joining LP Giobbi on stage during his set and mingling with theirs.

The festivities kicked off with Township Rebellion, who shared energetic dance music in the early afternoon. These two DJs delivered smooth house beats and a surprisingly cool light show. Plus, early attendees were treated to stunning daylight, allowing them to admire the impressive architecture of the Mann Center.

The New Deal |  The Mann Center

Just as the crowd was starting to heat up, The New Deal took the stage. The Toronto, Calif.-based team brought in Philadelphia’s own drummer, Lotus’ Mike Greenfield, to keep the beats going. The band hadn’t played in the US since before the COVID-19 pandemic and were beyond ecstatic to bring their organic deep house sound to this event.

Singer Tom Howie |  Bob Moses

The Canadian delights continued with indie pop electro duo, Bob Moses. This Grammy-winning pair, Jim Vallance (synth/production) and Tom Howie (vocals), from Vancouver, Canada, eloquently weaved electronica with vocals. They were accompanied by a drummer and a bassist to get the organic vibes through.


The crowd was primed and ready for the force of nature that is Disco Biscuits. They usually come up with setlists filled with non-stop fan favorites for these occasions, and this night was no exception. “We Like To Party” started the set and ran until the end of “Spacebirdmatingcall”, which remained unfinished from the previous night. The music and energy were on as the band followed up with the new song “Freeze”, followed by “Anthem”, and ended with the end of the classic song “Above the Waves”.

Disco Biscuits sit down with LP Giobbi |  city ​​cookie

As Disco Biscuits took a well-deserved break, and LP producer/DJ Giobbi whipped up some tasty dance music to keep the party going. Fusing unique piano loops with high energy beats is his specialty. Many noticed it, including Disco Biscuits, who decided to join her on stage to start their second set. The performers were collectively all smiles. Eventually, LP Giobbi’s set came to a halt and she left the stage to roaring applause.

Fans who love the show |  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The second set continued with new tracks “Lake Shore Drive” > “A Change To Save The World”. The Biscuits dropped some of their signature inversion on the next vintage track, “Confrontation.” The beat didn’t stop as the band continued that raucous jam into another new track, “Space Train.”

Guitarist Tom Hamilton sits |  Disco Cookies

As Disco Biscuits went into beast mode, good friend and musician from Philadelphia, Tom Hamilton, joined them on stage to elevate the dance party. This delightful non-stop set ended with the band’s old school fan favorite “Morph Dusseldorf”. Uncivilized area Release. Hamilton stayed for the encore and joined efforts to deliver a raging version of Pink Floyd’s “Run Like Hell.”

Disco Cookies |  city ​​cookie

Disco Biscuits are naturally good at bringing together a stellar lineup of EDM and Jam artists, as well as delivering their own stunning performance. We can only look forward to future musical collaborations with City Bisco. In the meantime, Disco Biscuits are in the midst of a fiery summer tour. Jump on their visit page for more details.

What an epic performance |  city ​​cookie

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Set a
We like to party > Spacebirdmatingcall1 > Freeze > Anthem > Above the Waves2

Set Two
Jam3 > Lake Shore Drive > A Chance to Save the World > Confrontation4 > Space Train > Morph Dusseldorf5

Run like hell56

1. End only; ends 6/18/22.
2. End only.
3. Taken from LP Giobbi’s set.
4. Reversed.
5. With Tom Hamilton.
6. Pink Floyd

Mann's Iconic Architecture |  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Drummer Mike Greenfield attended the New Deal set |  city ​​cookie