Deserted by Kadri Kõusaar crowned best film at the Estonian Film and Television Awards

– Other winners of this year’s edition include Rainer Sarnet’s documentary Vaino Vahing’s Diary and Priit Pääsuke children of the night

EFTA 2022 winners (© Erlend Štaub/EFTA)

On September 16, at a special gala ceremony held in Tallinn, the winners of the Estonian Film and Television Awards (EFTA) have been announced. The awards, created in 2017, aim to honor achievements in national film and television, and are organized by the Estonian Film Institutethe Cultural Foundation of Estonianational broadcaster BE MISTAKEN, Elisa and Telia.

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This year, the prize for best film went to Kadri Kousaarit is Deserted. Co-produced with Finland and Sweden, the hostage drama stars Ali Suleiman, Jessica Grabowsky and Leanne Katkhuda. The story begins when a Swedish photojournalist, Ingrid, is kidnapped by a gang of Palestinian men while she was on a mission on the Sinai coast. Soon, Ingrid falls in love with the friendliest of kidnappers, Ali. Ali’s boss, Moussa, suspects something is up and becomes increasingly dangerous and violent. The film also won the Best Cinematography gong.

Meanwhile, Rainer Sarnetit is Vaino Vahing’s Diary [+see also:
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won the statuettes for best documentary and best director. It focuses on the titular writer’s diary, written from 1968 to 1984, and zooms in on the cultural life of Tartu, as well as the love affairs, bohemian feasts and intellectual pursuits of the time.

Finally, three prizes – best actor, best actress and best screenplay – were awarded to Priit Pääsukeit is children of the night. Set in Tallinn, the comedy aimed at young people tells the story of three sisters who have all reached a different breaking point in their lives.

Here is the list of this year’s main winners:

Best film
Deserted – Kadri Kõusaar (Estonia/Sweden/Finland)

Best Documentary
Vaino Vahing’s Diary [+see also:
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– Rainer Sarnet (Estonia)

Best Animated Film
‘Til we meet again – Ülo Pikkov (Estonia)

Best Short Film
Mia & Liki – Katrin Tegova (Estonia)

Best Actress in an Fmovie
Alice Siil – children of the night (Estonia)

Best Actor in a Motion Picture
Peeter Oja- children of the night

Best Director
Rainer Sarnet – Vaino Vahing’s Diary

Best Scrip
Ewert Kivi and Mart Raun – children of the night

Best Cinematography
Sten Johan Lill – Deserted

Best Editing
Ivar Murd– uQ [+see also:
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best sound
Markku Tiidumaa – uQ

Best score
Mati Uprus – Pingeväljade aednik (Estonia)

Best Production Design
Anu Laura Tuttelberg – ‘Til we meet again

Best Costumes
Anu Lensment – Sandra gets a job [+see also:
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Best TV Series
Sassi (Estonia)

Best Actress in Television Sseries
Ragne Pekarev – Sassi

Best Actor in Television Sseries
Egon Nuter – ENSV (Estonia)

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