Desi Twitter User’s Guide to “Beating” the European Heatwave

“Should I compare you to a summer day? The Indians would say no before you could quote it to them and now the Europeans would do the same. Much of Europe is currently in the grip of a scorching heatwave. According to an AFP report, heat waves like this, or the record-breaking heat wave experienced by India and Pakistan in March, are a sure sign of climate change, experts say. A Twitter user going by @Kav_Kaushik offered a sarcastic guide to how to survive the hot weather, with the authority of someone who grew up in India.

The Twitter user’s thread included everything imaginable and unimaginable: making a pact with Pezazu, the Demon of Darkness, eating curry, writing Diaspora poetry, watching a movie starring Salman Khan, everything is included. Here are some interesting bits from the thread:

Looks like the catastrophic weather conditions are here to stay, so we’ll need more humor to cope. “Every heat wave we experience today has been made warmer and more frequent due to human-induced climate change,” said Friederike Otto, senior lecturer at the Grantham Institute for Climate Change in the UK. ‘Imperial College London.

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