Falling For Christmas, Lindsay Lohan’s critically acclaimed new film

Fall for Christmas saw Lindsay Lohan garnering plenty of praise for her “wonderful” return to acting.

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The film, the first of three under an agreement to netflix, sees Lohan playing a wealthy socialite who develops amnesia as Christmas approaches. Losing all knowledge of her privileged existence, she finds herself in the care of the handsome lodge owner and his daughter.

Fall for Christmas also stars Joy former Chord Overstreet, George Young and In the heights Olivia Perez. The film is directed by Janeen Damian and has Lohan attached as executive producer.

Lindsay Lohan in ‘Falling For Christmas’. Credit: Netflix

IndieWire was full of praise for Lohan and the film with a review that read, “Is it Fall for Christmas Lohan’s Citizen Kane? Well, as Sierra, a widower’s daughter grappling with her past, present, and future over the holidays, and many a sled thanks to a Botox Santa replacement, it’s clear this is the Lohan’s best work in decades. Even Sierra has her own rosebud, Christmas snow globe, to remember. The end of Fall for Christmas is pure It’s a wonderful lifeand how wonderful that Lohan is back in Hollywood, just in time for the holidays.

Collider on the other hand was more stingy with praise in his review. “Is Falling for Christmas in itself a good film? No,” reads the review. “Looks like it was done on the cheap, it reuses jokes (one very clearly stolen from Stupid and even dumber), and has a completely unoriginal plot. However, the reviewer goes on to say that the film is “an hour and a half of Christmas fun” to watch with friends, before adding that Lohan’s praise is “warranted”.

However, Jthe hollywood journalist was scathing in his remarks. The review of Fall for Christmas calls the film a “sub-Hallmark dreck made by a bunch of hacks that don’t deserve to be named”. However, the reviewer softened his criticism of Lohan slightly, writing, “Not beating a former child star who’s overcome more than her fair share of demons, but if that’s the best vehicle she can find, waiting for three more might not not have been a bad idea.

Variety, meanwhile, is backing a Lohan revival on Netflix thanks to the film’s festive, eye-catching script and the actor’s performance. The critic says Fall for Christmas is “a promising step for a possible ‘Lohanaissance’.” The review goes on to say it’s good that Lohan is back “artfully crafting” a character that audiences can buy into – in a celebratory way.

Fall for Christmas is available to stream on Netflix from Thursday, November 10