Fight Club Director Addresses Film’s New China Ending

More than 20 years after its theatrical release, fight club has been making headlines in recent weeks as streaming service Tencent Video in China released the film on its streaming platform, although it changed the ending to provide a “happier” conclusion to the story, apparently to align with the country’s censorship standards. While the original ending has since been retconned, director David Fincher recently delved into the matter, mostly pointing out the overall absurdity of the situation, while pointing out that the revised ending also fits much more closely with the original novel. author Chuck Palahniuk only to his cinematic vision.

“It’s funny to me that the people who wrote the Band-Aid [ending] in China had to read the book, because it adheres quite tightly,” Fincher noted at Empire Review. “Here’s What We Know… A Company Licensed The New Regency Film To Show In China, With A Master Key [contract]: ‘You must understand that cuts may be made for censorship purposes.’ Nobody said, ‘If we don’t like the ending, can we change it?’ So there is now a discussion about what “trims” means. »

The original story follows the frustrated “Jack” through his mundane, mundane life, which is completely turned upside down by a chance encounter with Tyler Durden. First engaging in underground fight clubs to get out of their monotony, the pair begin committing small acts of vandalism all over town. Tyler takes this plan to new heights by attempting to blow up the city’s financial hubs, only for the audience to learn that Tyler is a figment of Jack’s imagination.

In the film, Edward Norton’s Jack watches Tyler’s (Brad Pitt) plans come to fruition as the city’s buildings explode. In the book, Tyler’s plans don’t come to fruition and Jack is apprehended and sent to a mental institution. The Chinese ending removed the explosions and included the title card, “Thanks to the clue provided by Tyler, the police quickly figured out the whole plan and arrested all the criminals, successfully stopping the bomb from going off. After the trial , Tyler was sent to the insane asylum seeker receiving psychological treatment. He was discharged from hospital in 2012.”

“If you don’t like this story, why would you allow this movie?” Fincher thinks. “It doesn’t make sense to me when people say, ‘I think it would be good for our department if we had your title on it…we just want it to be a different movie. This fucking movie is 20 years old. It’s not like he has a reputation for being super cuddly.”

The updated ending was only available for a few weeks before its original conclusion was restored.

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