Fighting for underfunded performing arts

Clementine Bordeaux, a Sicangu Lakota researcher, worked on a report called “Brightening the Spotlight”. It was created to shed light on underfunded Indigenous performing arts. The report was funded by the First Peoples Fund and NORC at the University of Chicago. We learn more about what they found.

Sarah Manning, Shoshone & Paiute, is the Director of Communications for NDN Collective. In March, a hotel in Rapid City, South Dakota, attempted to bar Native Americans from its property. NDN Collective met with the community to develop a plan to address this discrimination.

ICT’s special report “At the Crossroads” brings together the Institute for Nonprofit News and eight other news partners. The objective is to answer the question: What is the state of the economy in the Indian country? In Oklahoma, meat processing plants are proving to be a key driver of economic growth. Muscogee Media editor Liz Gray breaks down her story as part of this report.

A Slice of Our Indigenous World

  • In Washington, the Department of the Interior announces a major investment to fight climate change in indigenous communities.
  • In Brazil’s capital, thousands of indigenous citizens made their voices heard last week.
  • In the Akwesasne homelands of New York, marijuana sales are booming.
  • If you can’t wait to stream the hit TV show “Rutherford Falls,” we know where you can catch some episodes of the new season.

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