Find out how Jennifer Aniston celebrated the start of filming on Netflix’s Murder Mystery 2

As for the increasingly successful and star-studded Netflix original movies at the end of 2019 Murder Mystery is one of the most watched movies on the streaming site. It brought Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston together for the first time since 2011 Just go for a comic thriller. It’s no surprise that a sequel is on the way, and Aniston has confirmed that it’s currently on the Murder Mystery 2 together with Sandler.

the Friends the actress took it instagram Monday to share a cute photo on the beach alongside Adam Sandler for Murder Mystery 2, as well as a kind of dance party taking place on the set with the actor. Check it out:

It’s great to see the co-stars back together for the Netflix sequel. They look like they’re having fun on the set of the movie alongside picturesque views. Jennifer Aniston captioned the photo “Back to work with my mate” and the name was dropped Murder Mystery 2.

When Murder Mystery dropped on Netflix in summer 2019, it has racked up views from 31 million accounts in North America during its first three days of service. The comedy was hugely popular on the platform, and it’s great to see these two fun actors reunite for another round.

Last summer, Murder Mystery 2 nabbed its manager Jeremy Garelickwho previously worked with Jennifer Aniston on Breaking as a producer, with the helm The wedding bell and The frenzy. James Vanderbilt, who wrote the first Murder Mystery, also wrote the sequel. With Aniston and Adam Sandler, we know there are other familiar actors of the returning original, namely Adeel Akhtar and John Kani.

As well, Murder Mystery 2 recruited some new faces in its cast. Queen and Slimby Jodie Turner-Smith Oxygenby Melanie Laurent, Shazamis Mark Strong, King Richardis Tony Goldwyn and Bridesmaids‘ Annie Mumolo will star with Aniston and Sandler in the film which would be shot in Paris and the Caribbean.

In the 2019 film, Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler play a couple celebrating their 15th anniversary in Europe when they are unexpectedly invited aboard a yacht, where a murder occurs. Sandler’s character recently lied about becoming a detective, which puts him in an awkward position on the journey. Once the pair help solve the mystery, he becomes a detective, leaving the door open for more mystery-solving for the duo.

Jennifer Aniston is filming Murder Mystery 2 between one range loaded with upcoming projectsincluding the next season of The morning showmiss usa biopic I salute you marie and a film collaboration with Sex educationIt’s Sophie Goodhart. The actress joked before that Murder Mystery 2 is an important project for her in the COVID era to get her “fart jokes” off and enjoy performing in light comedy.

The sequel doesn’t have a release date yet, but you can check out the 2022 Netflix Movie Release Schedule here on CinemaBlend in the meantime.