First look at CACTUS FLOWER from the Performing Arts Creative Ensemble

The comedy centers on the relationship between the young and wild Toni and her older, married lover, Julian, a dentist. Convinced that the two have no future together, Toni tries to commit suicide and Julian, feeling guilty, offers him to leave his wife so that the couple can be together. However, Julian never revealed to Toni that his “marriage” is actually an elaborate lie concocted to keep Toni at bay. Toni refuses to break up her house without first meeting and speaking with Julian’s future ex, so Julian enlists the help of his shy single assistant Stephanie to pose as his non-existent wife. Complications arise when Toni decides the two must find her a new boyfriend so that everyone involved can live happily ever after.

Take a trip to the groovy 60s!

Written by Abe Burrows, directed by Douglas C Schaffer. Cast includes: Dr. Julian Winston: Weston McAloney, Stephanie Dickinson: Joyce Patrone, Toni Simmons: Kaitlyn Garrett, Harvey Greenfield: Max Muir, Igor Sullivan: Aaron Turnbull, Mrs. Durant: Carol Brindley, Botticelli’s Springtime: Erika Carper, Senor Arturo Sanchez : Stephen Hanna, Customer/Bartender/Music Lover: Nathan Uhrman.

Performances are March 17-20 at the Columbus Dance Theater, 592 E. Main St., Columbus, OH 43215. For tickets or more information, visit:

Check out the first preview below!

Photo credit: Jerri Shafer