Fundraiser for short films “So far so good”

We are BETH AND NATASHA PERKINsisters and WRITER/DIRECTOR. We were part of the backstage and social media teams for HBO’s We Are Who We Are and Lena Dunham’s upcoming film Catherine, Called, Birdy respectively.

Our first narrative short film, a comedy titled SEE READfeatures rising actresses ISIS HAINSWORTH and TESSA BONHAM JONESand is currently in POST PRODUCTION.

Our second short film, SO FAR, SO GOOD – another narrative comedy – is in PRE-PRODUCTION and will play the one and only Jack Dylan Grazerwhom we met during our first BTS.

The film is self-funded, so we would really appreciate a little help getting us over the line. We aim to increase £5,000 pay our CAST and CREW, COVER EQUIPMENT RENTAL FEES, PAY MUSIC RIGHTS and contribute to FESTIVAL SUBMISSIONS, so any donations would be extremely appreciated – even if it’s just a pound or a dollar, it all helps!! Scroll down to learn more about the PRICE for MAKE A DONATION.

Now a bit about the movie:


After accidentally throwing a bottle out of a stranger’s window, an American teenager finds himself chased by the angry British owner through the streets of SOUTH LONDON. As he runs, monologue on camera as he goes, we begin to see through his demure defenses.


The film will be a one shot – or at least made to look like one – and will resemble films like Goodfellas, Boogie Nights and 1917 to achieve this effect.

The script will be partly improvised, drawing on the irreverent classic comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm for inspiration. Grosse Pointe Blank’s too talkative and too smart for his own good hero, Martin Blank, will also serve as an important point of reference for Witter.

Breaking the fourth wall is an integral part of this story and we want to do it in a way that doesn’t feel fancy. So we’ll turn to another John Cusack classic, High Fidelity, as well as Fight Club and Wolf of Wall Street, to make sure we hit the right tone.

Building on the film’s punky, skater aesthetic, films like Lords of Dogtown, Mid 90s, Kids, Slacker and Point Break will also serve as vital visual touchstones.

SOUND DESIGN is an integral part of the film. Much like Baby in Baby Driver, our main character listens to music through her headphones, which provides much of the drama in the film. As Witter flees from his angry pursuer, his headphones keep falling off, the music flowing in and out. Two headphones will sound louder than one, when both are out, it will just be tinny. The volume will drop and soar – the song will even accidentally change at some point, taking us back to the beginning.


Obviously we wrote and directed the short – and are also producing it – but there’s a whole host of amazing people helping to bring it to life!


Jack Dylan Grazer is an actor known for his starring roles in It, Shazam!, Pixar’s Luca, Beautiful Boy and Ron’s Gone Wrong.


CAITLIN GRIFFITHS is the PRODUCER of SO FAR, SO GOOD. She turned to film after quitting her job as an NHS doctor, realizing her passions lay outside of clinical medicine. She holds a degree in anthropology and enjoys working on creative projects that communicate the nuance of human connection and shared experience. She was 1st AD on SEE READand is excited to take on more responsibility and have more creative input as a producer on this upcoming film.

JONATHAS NAZARETH is a Brazilian-American EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, he holds a BFA in Painting from the School of Visual Arts in New York and an MA in Cinematography from the University of London. Jon has created campaign films and videos for brands like Valentino, Tiffany & Co. and Sephora. Jon’s last 2 films have screened at over 20 film festivals in the United States and Europe.


Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. As we’ve said before, any donation is so, so welcome and appreciated.

To sweeten the deal, anyone who donates £15 will be immediately concluded RAFFLE really win EXCEPTIONAL PRICES*. Do not hesitate to ENTER SEVERAL TIMES – each entry is £15.

The PRICE are the following:

JACKPOT: A CAMEO in the movie. (You must be able to get to the set in London on your own. If you are unable to do so, an alternate prize will be in place.)

SECOND PRIZE: The BACKPACK this Jack Dylan Grazer door in the movie, SIGN by the legend itself!

THIRD PRIZE: The TIE this JACK wears in the movie, too SIGN by him.

FOURTH PRIZE: One of the ten posters signed by JACK.

The raffle will be drawn after filming in 2023.

Thank you very much and good luck!

* If the film is not filmed for any reason, we will refund everyone and the prizes will be forfeited.