Garrison-Pilcher and Cross Creek Performing Arts Experiences Expand Horizons | New

Thomas County students from Garrison-Pilcher and Cross Creek Elementary Schools are the lucky recipients of a series of music awareness concerts made possible by a Title IV Student Support and Academic Success grant. The first of four concerts took place on August 31, 2022.

Dr. Boyan Bonev, a strings teacher at Cross Creek and Thomas County Middle School, oversees the project which includes a before and after quiz to assess the knowledge students glean from each program and to refine how musicians can improve delivery content. Topics for the first presentation included the label given to a group of stringed instruments playing together and the identification of individual stringed instruments.

Dr. Bonev brought a professional orchestral band to perform for the students. The students listened to instruments they may have never heard before. The musicians presented the instruments (violin, viola, cello and double bass) and discussed their playing and sound. Students asked questions and had the opportunity to hold and play instruments.

“My colleagues and I had a great time playing for the students,” Bonev said. “This was the first outreach program of our project to expose and engage students in the performing arts. We plan to organize three more with chamber music, opera and ballet/dance in October, February and March.