Hollywood stars appear on the red carpet at the SXSW Film Festival

AUSTIN, Texas — The stars are back in Austin as the SXSW Film Festival showcases some of this year’s biggest debuts.

Saturday saw the world premiere of Apple TV’s new series, “WeCrashed,” starring Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway. The series follows the rise and fall of startup WeWork, with Leto playing WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann and Hathaway playing his wife Rebekah. “WeCrashed” shines a light on the love story that drove the creation of the company.

Hathaway said she loves working with Leto, saying the Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman never broke character on set.

“Jared just wasn’t Jared on set,” she said on the red carpet at the “WeCrashed” premiere. “He was just Adam Neumann, and I was Rebekah Neumann and we were very much in love and supportive of each other and it was a pleasure to work with him.”

Although he lacks experience in a desk job – he said the closest he’s had to a desk job was writing music for his band – Leto said he’s made a extra effort to get into character for his performance as Adam Neumann.

“I dug deep into the research,” he said. “It was one of those roles because the story is so fresh and relevant that there was just a ton of material, so I was able to bury myself in it and loved it. “

Tony Hawk also made an appearance on the red carpet with the help of crutches and a few manipulators. He was there for the debut of HBO Max’s documentary about his life, ‘Until the Wheels Dropped’, just days after he broke his femur.

Hawk said of all the challenges in his life, just being there was one of the biggest tests of his life.

“The last time I had something like this was in 2004, almost 20 years ago, when I broke my pelvis,” he said. “I was super impatient then. This one makes it feel more manageable, but it’s still debilitating.

It’s one of many setbacks Hawk has faced in his long career as arguably the greatest skateboarder of all time. These challenges are detailed in the documentary, directed by Sam Jones, and Hawk said he couldn’t be happier that people get to see them from his perspective.

“It’s an honor that Sam chose me to focus on,” he said. “It’s really scary but at the same time kind of liberating.”

Despite his injury and Premier’s nerves, Hawk was still in a playful mood when I asked him if he’d send me a signed skateboard if I managed to get a platinum trophy on his titular game, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1. +2 for Game Station.

“I will, yes,” he replied. “If I can walk.”