It’s happening this Monday! The Entertainment and Performing Arts Industry Conference (EPIC)

It’s here and it’s Monday! The Entertainment and Performing Arts Industry Conference (EPIC). Participants will join industry professionals from around the world who are together online for a 24 hour EPIC period.

The EPIC conference is designed for 24 hours so that no matter where you are in the world, you can join the conference in your own time zone and see great content. Watch whatever you want in your time zone or grab a million coffees and watch it all!

The conference covers Broadway, Circus, Theater, Opera, Dance and Live Events! Participants can choose from the CREATE, ACHIEVE, DESIGN or PRODUCE discussion pillars.

There are also EPIC MAINSTAGE sessions, featuring Billy Porter, Ken Davenport, a preview of the Dubai exhibition, an incredible AI musical performance live from Las Vegas and more!

In addition to EPIC speakers, Sophie Duncan and Ash Stanley will perform for a 24 hour radio marathon that will accompany the entire EPIC conference. They have their own schedule of musicians, singers and performers who go through their EPIC Radio room to keep everyone entertained between sessions.

Free for all, EPIC’s digital program can be viewed here.

Here are 5 reasons for you to register for Monday!

1. EPIC is an opportunity like no other in the industry.

With global reach, industry leaders and participants from around the world gathered in one place, EPIC is a unique professional development opportunity that you want to kickstart your 2022!

2. A conference rich in content

EPIC brings you over 50 exclusive interviews and panels with the wisdom and insights of some of the best in the industry from around the world. Learn new methods, new practices and new perspectives.

3. The opportunity to travel virtually

With EPIC you travel virtually around the world! The 120 speakers come from the United States, as well as the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Germany, Istanbul, Dubai, Singapore, Sydney, Brisbane, New Zealand, Korea South, Hong Kong and more.

4. Cost friendly

It is virtually impossible to find better value for the incredible ideas and information shared by industry leaders at EPIC. The standard ticket ($ 60) gives you 24 hours of content to watch live. Or you can choose Premium and have a month to watch all 50 sessions / 50 hours on demand.

5. Make connections

EPIC’s platform is perfect for making connections. The networking feature breaks the ice and lets you chat with people around the world. Take part in various chats, invite someone for a video chat, exchange information and make a good friend. You never know where that next big connection or relationship will take you and your career.

Do not wait. It’s here and it starts on Monday 10, 2022 at 9 a.m. EST.

Visit the website now for tickets: