Kartik Aaryan abandoned from Karan Johar’s film; The actor finally breaks the silence! –

Kartik Aryan was suddenly removed from the film ‘Dostana 2’ produced by Karan Johar. The reason for this omission has never been made public. In some statements, Dharma Productions said the movie is in the works and the cast is being re-selected. Kartik has also remained silent since the incident in April last year. The silence was broken a year later.

The finger of lobby complaint was once again pointed at Karan Johar. A section of Bollywood claims that the actor is a victim of industry politics. Kartik is not a child star, he has no family acquaintances in Bollywood. He came to the industry from outside.

As a result, people from certain lobbies don’t allow him to get good photos. For the same reason, he had to be removed from Karan’s photo in this way.

But did the omission of Karan’s photo mark his career? What does Kartik himself say after a year? Did he specify the reason for the omission or dispute?

However, the actor handled the situation with a very calm mind. Kartik claims in the promotion of ‘Bhulbhulaiya 2’, “A small problem becomes so big for no reason. At that time, I did not think about all this and concentrated on my work. Nobody has so much time. It is No need to wonder why I was left out. Everyone wants to do good. That’s all we can say. Everything else is just a rumor.” If it was for rumors, why did Kartik open his mouth after a year? However, the question remains as it is.