Kunle Afolayan’s KAP Academy trains film interns – The Sun Nigeria

Ten students, who underwent an intensive 10-week training in post-production techniques, graduated from the Kunle Afolayan Production (KAP) Film and Television Academy.

The Diploma Course is a partnership program with the School of Motion Picture Arts (SCA) at the University of Southern California (USC) and global streaming platform, Netflix, to impart knowledge in order to improve the skills of young filmmakers and, by extension, improve the overall quality of film production. of the local film industry.

Toye Peter, Ifeanyi Passion, Todumu Adegoke, Adesuwa Omon, Ugbede Peter, Oyinbra Fegha, Emeka Egbueui, Unyime Patrick, Temitope Folarin

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and Candace John-Jumbo earned a degree in post-production editing (image cropping, editing, and sound design). The tuition-free course has been estimated at around N500,000.

The KAP-USC program, which emphasizes post-production, is the brainchild of renowned filmmaker Kunle Afolayan. According to hm, the project was his responsibility to the next generation of filmmakers, as he passes the torch to them to replicate the grandeur of filmmaking compared to what has been achieved thus far. The program is the successor to his previous venture to educate filmmakers leveraging the internet: Film Masterclass with Kunle Afolayan, a web series masterclass he designed three years ago.

“I hate to say there was no structure; there was a structure. But you can’t compare it to structures in other places in the world.

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“Even though we don’t have these structures from other places, we are still able to do things. Our films are now becoming international. One of the reasons I felt it was necessary to start a training program was so we can make an impact and build a new generation of filmmakers in our own way. A lot of people can’t afford these classes, but thank goodness technology is changing the way things are done,” he said.

The opening speech of the ceremony delivered by award-winning writer and producer, Femi Odugbemi, highlighted the importance of institutional training for the sustainability of the film industry.

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“Just a decade ago there were less than 10 training programs available in the country, today there are dozens.

“Thus, it is generally accepted that product quality needs to improve and that opportunities for international exposure and distribution will only come with some commitment to global best practices, technical quality and artistic exploration” , did he declare.

Afolayan, however, noted that for such programs to bear greater fruit, film professionals must be prepared to “value the learning experience as essential, not only in the business world, but for their personal growth as artists and as storytellers”.

The convocation ceremony, which took place at KAP Hub, Ikeja, Lagos, was attended by several Nollywood filmmakers and creatives including Tunde Kelani, Mahmood Ali-Balogun, Joke Silva, Duro Oni, Tola Odunsi and Babatunde Adewale.

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