LDS Film Festival provides a showcase for family and religious films

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – The award-winning documentary from Sidewinder Films, boatman, is set to open the 2022 LDS Film Festival. Festival owners and co-directors Marshall Moore and Michelle Moore say the festival will be an in-person event this year, March 2-5. The Moores also announced that the festival would become the Zion Film Festival as part of their new vision for the future.

boatman is the work of acclaimed filmmaker, Issac Halasima and the production team of Dr. Steven Ungerleider, David Ulich, Michael Cascio and Chet Thomas carry on the tradition of delivering incredible films for audience enjoyment.

Waterman explores the life and influence of legendary Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku and Duke’s legacy as a legendary swimmer, pioneer and undisputed father of modern surfing. Through Duke’s incredible sporting achievements, his personal doctrine of Aloha and his enduring gift to the world of surfing, the film explores a theme that still resonates today – the role of sport in breaking down societal barriers – and celebrates his triumphs. and his kuleana philosophy. [koo-lee-ah-nah]which means responsibility and a deeper sense of connection that incorporates the spirit of Aloha into our own lives.

Adding to the essence of the film, Waterman also features extremely talented, native Hawaiian actor Jason Momoa (Dune, Aquaman) as the film’s narrator. “Jason has an incredible affinity, love and respect for Duke,” Halasima said. “He is a waterman himself and brought that passion to this project.”

Having Waterman as the star film of the LDS Film Festival’s opening night signals that New Management organizers Marshall and Michelle Moore and her newly reunited board of directors are considering taking the festival under its new name of Zion Film Festival. The 2022 festival will continue as the LDS Film Festival for the last time, and then more details about the new Zion Film Festival will be shared at the awards show on March 5.

“This year’s LDS Film Festival will give just a taste of what lies ahead for future festivals,” said Marshall Moore, co-owner and co-director of the new Zion Film Festival. “We are confident that long-time attendees and newcomers to the festival will be surprised and delighted with this year’s lineup and that it will set the stage for the Zion Film Festival to become one of the top international film festivals in the world. over the next decade.”

Watch the Waterman trailer here.

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Celebrating twenty-one years of programming in 2022, the LDS Film Festival has promoted film as a medium for conversation and perspective that often touches hearts and opens minds. What started as a short film festival is now a major event showcasing an impressive line-up of feature films, documentaries, special screenings, shorts, music videos and high profile panels. The festival runs from March 2-5 at the Scera Center for the Arts. You can find more information and tickets at