Legacy Performing Arts of Central Illinois is looking for musicians to join the upcoming season | Community

Legacy Performing Arts of Central Illinois brings together musicians of all ages and abilities to perform in a unique and dynamic musical setting.

In 2021, Legacy hosted over 60 musicians throughout its performance season and featured musicians from across central Illinois. Instrumentation includes woodwinds, brass, strings, percussion, piano, guitar, bass, synth, drums and more. The music includes a variety of greatest hits and popular movie soundtracks. Sheet music is available for all levels, including beginners.

Legacy Performing Arts of Central Illinois encourages musicians from all walks of life to participate in this community and family music ensemble. This includes hobbyists, families, seasoned musicians, beginners, school and college students, band managers, cover musicians and more.

Rehearsals begin on select Sundays in March at Broadway Christian Church in Mattoon and performances begin in May. Musicians are welcome to participate in any or all rehearsals and performances. A complete list of rehearsals and performances for Legacy Performing Arts is available at www.ChrisKMusic.com/Legacy.

To enter or learn more about Legacy, visit www.ChrisKMusic.com/Legacy or email [email protected] Legacy Performing Arts of Central Illinois is under the direction of Chris Keniley and a music program provided by Chris K Music Lessons and Instrument Repairs.