“THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL”: Horrified after breaking her sobriety, Brooke tells Ridge and Hope about her misstep; both offered their support. Ridge goes to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with Brooke. Unaware that Douglas saw them kissing, Deacon and Brooke swear that no one will ever know they kissed. Upon seeing Bill, Douglas calls him “Dollar Bill”. Hope wonders why Brooke forbade Deacon from visiting the mansion. Bill tells Liam not to worry; Deacon will ruin his father-daughter relationship with Hope. Deacon is a mess, so he’s gonna screw it up. When Sheila tells Taylor that she has no more badness in her heart, Taylor brings up Sheila’s misdeeds including Sheila shooting him, so Sheila has to prove herself.


“THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLES”: Everyone except Victoria is happy when Billy decides not to try to destroy Adam. Adam bristles when Billy tells him that Adam will always be there when it comes to his place in the Newman family. Chance agrees with Abby when she suggests that she wait before going back to the police. Connor is upset when Adam says that he and Chelsea are not going to reconcile. Sally is stung when Chloe tells her she has to work with Chelsea. The chief of staff tells Nate that it is inappropriate for him to date his colleague Elena. Chelsea are stunned when Rey says he can forgive her for his past actions. Phyllis is unable to reach Jack. Following Amanda’s advice, Devon looks for more time with baby Dominic. Faith is delighted when Moses buys her a charm bracelet. Ashton wonders if trusting Billy’s new take on life is the real deal. Nikki questions Victor who works so closely with Adam.


“DAYS OF OUR LIVES”: The devil catches up with Johnny. Raising a toast at Stefano’s portrait, Johnny assures him that he will take control of DiMera. Johnny and Chanel’s wedding reception comes to a halt when Johnny announces that he wants a divorce. Learning that Phillip is alive, Roman tells Kate that he will keep his secret. Rafe is puzzled when Duke the teddy bear is torn in half. Learning of EJ’s plot, Sami tells him to pound some salt and leaves town with Lucas. Tony and Anna come home. Rex returns to Chicago. Gwen and Jack mend their damaged father-daughter relationship. Hearing that Abby is looking for Sarah, Gwen fears that Alex will learn of his latest misdeeds. Kayla and Steve search for Kristen. Johnny thinks about taking control of Ben and Ciara’s baby. Nicole assures EJ that she will not be his consolation prize.


“GENERAL HPITAL”: Carly leaves Sonny when he admits he has feelings for Nina. A still fragile Sasha returns to work. Alexis decides to become a journalist. Nikolas begins his work at the gallery. Esme tells Spencer that she had a difficult childhood. Tracy realizes that Bailey is alive. Luke’s friends and family face Luke’s death in the cable car crash. Victor makes a mysterious phone call. Valentin contacts Victor. A suspended Chase is nervous. Agreeing on a date, Liz and Finn share their first kiss. Preparing for her evening, Liz is shaken when she finds her wedding ring. Olivia and Ned celebrate their reconciliation. Tracy and Monica have their usual feud – the mansion belongs to Tracy; Monica retorts that Alan gave it to her. Austin laments that he’s been in town for six weeks and hasn’t made any connection. Martin agrees to defend Peter, but only with regard to Franco.


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