Maranatha Senior Performing Arts Recognition – Pasadena Schools

It’s once again Maranatha High School to say goodbye to an amazing group of performing arts seniors.

Every year around this time, Maranatha High School honors its seniors who have been part of the orchestra, mixed ensemble, dance, or performed in one of its productions during their years at Maranatha. This group of young people have been able to demonstrate their God given talents and have shone on the Maranatha stage for the past 4 years. Their talent, passion, dedication, flexibility and sense of humor were a pleasure to watch. They are an incredible group of artists.

“I can speak for all of us in the performing arts program when I say it’s a special group of artists and people. Once in a while a group like this shows up and makes our hard work worthwhile. We will miss them!” said John Wells, president of MHS Performing Arts. “is absolutely true. We will truly miss them. As they leave Maranatha, we pray that they will stay true to the dreams God gave them and continue to ‘do’ for his kingdom.

Click here for the full list of Performing Arts Seniors.

Congratulations to the class of 2022 for their passion and dedication to the performing arts!

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