Mexican actress Yalitza Aparicio to star in new horror thriller ‘Presencias’

Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca-born actress Yalitza Aparicio is best known for her Oscar-nominated performance in director Alfonso Cuarón’s “Roma,” but her latest film role promises to be just as captivating.

Aparicio, 28, will play in the Film “Presencias” directed by Luis Mandoki which will be available on TelevisaUnivision’s Vix+ streaming service. The actress explained during a press conference that the horror thriller “is the story of a man who, after the murder of his wife, launches his own investigation to find her killer”.

Also starring Argentinian actor Alberto Ammann, the film focuses on an investigation that turns chilling quick – and takes place in an isolated cabin from the character’s childhood. As the actress described, “Before long, [the man] notices many strange happenings and is forced to face a terrifying reality.

“Presencias” is definitely a departure from 2018’s “Roma,” which focuses on class relations in 1970s Mexico through the eyes of two housekeepers. While “Roma” is full of tension, with overtones like unwanted pregnancy and infidelity, “Presencias” uses traditional suspense elements be a real nail biter.

Aparicio spoke to Harper’s Bazaar about gender“I feel like of all the genres, suspense was the one I thought about the least, but it’s amazing how it has some difficulty in doing that as well.” About the upcoming film, she continued, “I feel like you can let your imagination run wild in these kinds of stories.”

The ‘Los Espookys’ actress also told the outlet that she immediately connected with the film’s script. “When I got the chance to read the script, I thought, ‘This is the kind of story I like to see…because you never know what happens next. Finding it “fun to play around” with audience expectations of the plot, Aparicio said it was a film that will put us all “on the edge of our seats”.

Grab the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos popcorn ’cause we’re in.

Another interesting element? Aparicio also shared that part of “Presencias” was filmed in Tlalpujahua, a town in Michoacán “where the local architecture and traditions are a point of pride” for Mexico. Calling it a ‘magical village’, the 28-year-old actress explained that ‘it’s always Christmas’ there, referring to the town’s famous village. production of handmade Christmas decorations.

Aparicio clarified that she always seeks to break stereotypes in her career and, for this reason, has refused to accept many projects that have been offered to her. That being said, “Presencias” is “something new” for her and allowed her to “experiment”.

She explained that she wanted to “break with stereotypes in casting,” which is why she couldn’t “accept offers for roles that were always the same.”

We can’t wait to watch this!

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