MMQB Film Study with Devin Gardner (Week 6)

Each week, TMI’s Sam Webb, former Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner, former offensive coordinator Al Borges and former Michigan defensive backs coach and Oklahoma State defensive coordinator Vance Bedford , from Louisville and Texas, reunite for The Michigan Insider’s Film Study series. These chalkboard breakout sessions break down team and player performance, as well as key attacking and defensive plays from the previous week’s contest. They feature deep dives into the Xs and O’s of how it all unfolded.

Devin Gardner passionately reviews the game of Michigan’s offensive quarterback, drawing on his own time behind center, in film study, and his own coaching and mentoring experience. Devin gives fans his clear opinion on how he thinks the quarterbacks performed during the game – where they excelled and where they need to perform better.

Coach Borges uses his considerable time as a play caller and quarterbacks coach in the PAC-12, SEC and of course here at Michigan to review and detail how today’s Wolverine offense is planned, to how well it is executed and where it needs to be better.

Coach Bedford uses his decades of coaching and coordinating defensive positions to explain, in detail, the key defensive moments of the contest and review the defensive players who take their games to another level, as well as those who need to move to a higher level.

To see the latest episode of the Monday Morning Quarterback Movie Study in full, press play on the video embedded below.

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