Murder on the High Seas with Orofino’s Performing Arts | Community News

Orofino’s Acting, Choir, Band, Cooking and Maniac Art Classes have teamed up again to produce a fantastic evening of entertainment on May 4th. The drama class performed the dinner play, Ahoy the murder by Michael Druce.

The complete comedy-mystery takes place aboard the cruise ship Thanatos. The alumni of Broken Rattan High reunite for their 30th class reunion when chaos erupts. The OJSHS Choir, led by Carrington Rinehart, became a singer and sang many songs from the good old days.

The band stepped in with background music and a few carefully placed songs. The Culinary Class under Mike Tetwiler served a hearty taco bar buffet and provided dessert during intermission.

Sonesa Lundmark guided the students in designing large porthole paintings to wrap around the room. Michelle George directed the talented actors.

The evening was a hilarious success, and the students performed it again at school on Monday, May 9.

About 140 people attended the evening show. Unfortunately, tickets were not sold to the general public as seating was limited and performers had access to family and friends tickets first.

A big thank you to everyone for their support.