National award-winning filmmaker Sudhanshu Saria on the hunt for his next queer film

In the spirit of Pride celebrations this month, Sudhanshu Saria’s production house, Four Line Entertainment, has announced its decision to produce a queer film. Not too long ago, the National Award-winning filmmaker completed his introspective drama titled Sanaa starring Radhika Madan. Saria and her team set out to find the right LGBTQIA+ story to produce for the company.

Long before the LGBTQIA+ film series became the flavor of the season, Sudhanshu presented LOEV, a film that garnered rave reviews from the LGBTQ community. Released when Section 377 was in effect, director Saria continues to be one of the most important and unforgettable films based on the love story of gay men told with immense sensitivity. Reeling from the film’s success and legacy, Sudhanshu is looking for talent, new scripts and filmmakers, who have their own queer stories to tell. Its mission is to make Four Line Entertainment a place where risk takers can come together to tell honest stories in a quest to make the voices that have been suppressed heard.

Sudhanshu Saria said, “The preparation to bring a queer film to the screen has started strong. We are tapping into the positivity of Pride Month and actively seeking screenwriters and filmmakers, who can join us.

He adds: “Queer films should not be specialized articles. LGBTQIA+ stories are human stories with universal appeal and the industry should do a lot more of them. As a company, we want to open our doors to filmmakers who want to tell those stories and help find the best homes for each of them.

Besides post-production on Sanaa, Saria is currently in pre-production on a new series for Amazon Prime Video and has signed on to direct a high-octane female spy thriller, “Ulajh,” for Junglee Pictures. He is also co-producing and writing Delhi Crime Season 3 for Netflix.

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