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NBC Local Viewers “Ordinary Joe” may have spotted a familiar face in a recent episode, when Williamsport-born, New York-based actress Tess Marshall made an appearance.

During her formative years on the local level, Marshall was involved with both the Uptown Music Collective and the Williamsport Community Theater League. It was through the “friendships, trust and experience” which Marshall says derived from these programs she found a passion to pursue a life in the performing arts – a dream which Marshall would later move to New York City in order to pursue after graduating from Shenandoah Conservatory with a BFA in Musical Theater.

Since moving to the Big Apple, Marshall has been involved in a number of different productions as well as musical projects, continuing to perform with the local band. “Clyde Frog” when it’s possible. His theatrical experiences have allowed him not only to perform all over the United States, but also internationally.

“We live in New York to find a job that takes us all over the world! I’m constantly in and out of my house, but I love calling New York home. I’ve been here six years.” said Marshal.

Having built a strong resume and theatrical performing career, Marshall was able to continue working throughout the pandemic in several theater productions set in Ohio and Michigan, including productions of well-known titles such as Young Frankenstein, Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Addams Family. Due to CDC guidelines and ongoing health procedures at the start of the pandemic, theater companies had to find new ways to share their productions with audiences, such as building a brand new outdoor stage in a theater where it happened in Ohio. , as well as mandatory weekly COVID testing three times a week.

Marshall noted that being able to work in a live theater environment during the early days of the pandemic was “such a blessing.”

“They did an incredible job of keeping us all safe,” she said.

The hearing for “Ordinary Joe” caught Marshall’s eye after signing with a new agency last summer, which she was able to audition for virtually.

“(The agency) put me through an audition, which I got an appointment for, and because of COVID and the different rules and regulations around who meets in person to audition and who doesn’t not, most things have been online…”

Having originally auditioned for a character named Opal, Marshall received a phone message on her way home to her family for Thanksgiving that the role had been changed and that the casting department would like her to resubmit her audition with newly added dialogue. writing.

With just over three hours to drive from town to town before her new casting appointment, Marshall was able to drive home, set up her recording gear, memorize her new dialogue, record and submit your audition without missing the deadline.

The day before Thanksgiving, she got the call that she had booked the role and would be a recurring character on the NBC series. An opportunity that Marshall says is a dream come true.

“Coming out of the pandemic like this with a TV debut is such a dream come true,” she said.

“The life of an artist is ever-changing and ever-changing”, said Marshal. Dreams and aspirations are also constantly changing and evolving. But, my first love is theater and live performance… with Clyde Frog Williamsport is also very important to me. But I really caught the virus of television and cinema. Over the past couple of years, I’ve been really trying to break into TV and film and I think that may have ignited that passion even more. I want to continue auditioning for theatre, television and film and see what comes next. The interpreter’s life is always so unpredictable because something could change everything tomorrow…”.

Marshall says her strong roots in the Williamsport community have allowed her to seek out exciting new business opportunities as she continues to look to the future of her career. “…I will say, coming from Williamsport, a small hometown, I’ve always felt very empowered to pursue my dream because I have incredible support from my community, whether it’s with Clyde Frog and coming home to home to play with my bandmates or if it’s people liking and sharing stuff on social media about my career, it really adds up and that’s really important to me,” she said. “Being from a small town like Williamsport with so many supportive people who know me personally and who don’t know me, that’s been a real confidence builder, and I think that’s really important to the feeling that I have to be able to pursue this dream… I am definitely working towards more television, cinema and theatre”,

In addition to “Ordinary Joe”, Marshall is currently on encore for a number of upcoming projects.

“I’m constantly auditioning and seeing what’s wrong,” she said. “…Tomorrow something could happen that I could book that would be completely out of left field and could completely change things.”

“It’s a stressful life, it’s an exciting life and it’s a completely unpredictable life,” she added.

Those interested in learning more about Marshall’s career can visit his website at

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