New Compton High School, Featuring Dr. Dre Sponsored Performing Arts Center, Officially Opens | News

Construction of the new DLR Group-designed Compton High School in California has officially begun. Designers, dignitaries, school district leaders, staff, students and community members gathered on May 7 to celebrate the groundbreaking.

The 126-year-old school has a rich history, well known for producing music and sporting prodigies. The design of DLR Group celebrates this heritage through a new campus with a dynamic learning environment that aims to enhance the education of students and educators. The design solution is centered around learning suites that promote project-based learning, student exploration, general education, and relationship building. In addition, the learning suites will allow for cross-departmental collaboration. They are designed as separate suites that can be linked together by movable walls that open and close, allowing students and faculty to customize their spaces to support a variety of learning activities.

“This school represents another important step in Compton Unified’s efforts to improve student achievement and ensure that our schools offer relevant and future-oriented courses and activities,” said the chairman of the board of trustees of Compton Unified. Compton, Micah Ali. “I am grateful to our construction partners who bring the very best in facility design and construction to our Compton Fellows.”

The school is organized around what is known as Academic Boulevard, a large diagonal pedestrian thoroughfare that connects to Compton’s existing civic core. The boulevard connects the community’s civic center to the northeast of campus and a public park and regional bike path to the southwest, inviting the community into the school.

Each end of the boulevard is anchored by major civic and educational programs such as a new state-of-the-art performing arts complex at the southwest corner. Legendary Compton-born producer and entrepreneur Andre Young, or “Dr. Dre,” donated $10 million to the performing arts center, which will be called “Andre ‘Dr. Dre’Young Performing Arts Center. At the other end of the axis, there will be new fitness and athletics venues, including facilities for soccer, baseball, soccer, swimming, tennis, and more.

“The design of the DLR group provides various applied learning environments to engage students in real-world experiences. The learning will be on full display,” said Alenoush Aghajanians, Senior Design Manager, DLR Group.

“The educational spaces that open onto common areas, galleries and academic boulevard will spark interest and curiosity about what is happening at the new Compton High School,” added Aghajanians.

The new campus is expected to open for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Video via DLR Group on YouTube