North Bend Film Festival sets 2022 lineup with Patton Oswalt and Jena Malone

The North Bend Film Festival was barely established when it faced the worst global health crisis of the 21st century: the coronavirus pandemic hit, and we all know how damaging it has been to events of all kinds . But moviegoers in Washington now have a reason to celebrate as the North Bend Film Festival announces its fifth edition, set to return as a full, in-person event for the first time since 2020. The event is set to take place next month. .

As the name suggests, the event takes place in North Bend, WA, which is also known as the original filming location for David Lynchit is twin peaks – one of the most talked about, surreal and theorized TV series of all time. As usual, the festival will include features and shorts from the United States and beyond The 2022 edition will also pay tribute to the filmmaker and producer Mali Elfmanwho will receive the festival’s Dulac Vanguard Filmmaker Award, which celebrates the surrealist cinema that is front and center at the event.


The festival will also premiere Elfman’s directorial debut. Next exit, a film about a scientist who manages to prove the existence of the afterlife. In an official statement, the main programmer of the festival Joseph Hernández highlighted how much they appreciate Elfman’s work and praised his feature debut:

“Elfman gave us a compassionate work of genre fiction, taking a bold premise and balancing terror, humor and empathy with a graceful hand. Dedicating her career to a love of genre film, championing female filmmakers and building a distinct body of work in the medium of immersive experiences, Mali Elfman is the kind of multidisciplinary artist who completely embodies the spirit of the North Bend Film Festival.We are thrilled to award her the second Dulac.

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Feature films to be spotlighted by the festival include I love my fatherwhich opens the event and features Patton Oswalt (AP Organic). The startling real-life story follows a father who catfishes his suicidal son in order to stay in touch with his estranged child. Carter Smithit is Swallowed stars Jena Malone in a tale of drug trafficking that should shock festival-goers. french cinema Incredible but true tells the story of a couple who discover a trapdoor in the basement that changes their lives forever. Closing night film please baby please centers on a couple who become targets of gang members after witnessing a murder.

Short film lovers will be happy to know that once again the festival is dividing the list of titles into three categories: Home Transmissions, which features shorts from PNW filmmakers; Something Strange, which celebrates short films that aren’t afraid to dabble in the weird; and Cinema Vista, which spotlights genre shorts.

In addition to the screenings, the North Bend Film Festival will also include a live script reading of Jenah Silverit is The Olympians, which is a horror thriller currently in development; a panel with award-winning Mali Elfman, who dissects her experience with horror cinema; Strange Storytelling Hour with horror stories from master storytellers and brought to life by Emmet Montgomery; and Ghost Hunting 101 – an introduction to paranormal investigation for anyone interested.

The North Bend Film Festival runs August 4-7 at the North Bend Theater. You can learn more details and buy tickets at festival website.

You can check out the feature film details below:

Opening night movie


United States | 2022 | 96 mins. | Real. James Morosini

Presented by Volition Brewing

A desperate father does the unthinkable to stay in touch with his estranged son who recently committed suicide: he creates a fake Facebook profile using photos of a local waitress and harasses him. Writer/director James Morosini stars alongside the great Patton Oswalt in this incredible yet autobiographical true story, laying bare his family’s trauma with results that are both loud and heartfelt. A Magnolia Pictures release.

Centerpiece Film (Dulac Award Winner)

NEXT EXIT – Pacific Northwest Premiere

United States | 2022 | 106 Mins. | Real. Mali Elfman

When a scientist proves the existence of an afterlife, two deeply tormented strangers reluctantly agree to travel across the country together to participate in the study and voluntarily end their lives. Established genre film producer Mali Elfman makes her directorial debut with this supernatural road trip that’s both humorous and lovingly heartfelt.

centerpiece movie

SWALLOWED – Pacific Northwest Premiere

United States | 2022 | 92 mins. | Real. Carter Smith

What was supposed to be a quick and easy drug run quickly turns into body-horror hell when two best friends are forced to smuggle drugs by ingesting them. A dirty and disturbing queer nightmare from Carter Smith (director of THE RUINS), starring Jena Malone (DONNIE DARKO, THE NEON DEMON) and a delightfully eccentric supporting role from Mark Patton (SCREAM, QUEEN! MY NIGHTMARE ON RUE ELM).

Closing night film

PLEASE BABY PLEASE – Pacific Northwest Premiere

United States | 2022 | 95 mins. | Real. Amanda Kramer

In 1950s Manhattan, newlywed couple Susa and Arthur witness a gruesome murder and become obsessive targets for the gang responsible for the crime. Filled with the theatricality characteristic of Amanda Kramer’s filmography, this vibrant musical explores themes of sexual identity and emotional fragility with a wild neon aesthetic and beautifully choreographed performances.

Retrospective screening

BUBBA HO-TEP – 20th Anniversary Presentation

United States | 2002 | 92 mins. | Real. Don Coscarelli

After a long time with the PHANTASM franchise, writer/producer/director Don Coscarelli gave the genre film world another long-loved gem of midnight cinema in the form of 2002’s BUBBA HO-TEP. Starring Bruce Campbell in his other role of a lifetime as Elvis Presley and the brilliant Ossie Davis (DO THE RIGHT THING) as John F. Kennedy, this cult classic imagines the two legendary characters as senior residents at war with a evil soul sucking mummy. Courtesy of Silver Sphere Corporation and American Genre Film Archive.

THE CIVIL DEAD – Pacific Northwest Premiere

United States | 2022 | 103 mins. | Real. clay tatum

Clay Thompson writes, directs and stars in this grungy, supernatural buddy comedy. Struggling artists and childhood friends, Clay and Whit reconnect after a chance encounter and make a chilling discovery that binds them together and puts old friendships to the test. A Utopia exit.


France | 2022 | 74 mins. | Real. Quentin Dupieux

Alain and Marie are a couple who settled in the suburbs for a calm and serene life. As they tour the apartment, they are told of a trapdoor in the basement that has the power to change their lives forever. Soon, the relationship between the two will be tested by this mysterious tunnel. An Arrow Films release.

RAQUEL 1:1 – First on the West Coast

Brazil | 2022 | 90 minutes. | Real. Marianne Bastos

Raquel is a young teenager who recently moved to her hometown to start a new life with her father. She is immediately taken by visions of an important Bible-related message and embarks on a controversial mission that will lead to a spiral of religious fanaticism and madness.


United States, Lebanon | 2022 | 78 mins. | Real. Rita Baghdadi

Shery & Lilas are the lead guitarists of Slave to Sirens, the first all-female thrash metal band in the Middle East, based in Beirut. Rita Baghdadi offers a lyrical and encouraging portrait of the musicians as group dynamics are tested and personal discoveries are made in the face of societal pressures and political upheaval.