Pittsburgh Public Schools Board exempts performing arts students from mask mandate – CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — In recent weeks, schools across the country have reversed course on their mask-wearing policies as many communities report fewer covid cases.

On Wednesday, Pittsburgh Public Schools made some changes to their masking policy. But the change is not for the whole district.

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In a 7-2 vote, board members decided to allow students involved in the performing arts to remove their masks only when participating in theater or musical performances. Those who are not performing will have to keep their mask on.

Testing for such students is available but not required, a district official said at the legislative meeting.

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Board chairman Sala Udin said that at present, Wednesday’s decision is the surest way to meet the unmasking demand.

“I understand that it is uncomfortable for some to continue wearing the mask. But the discomfort of the disease is greater than the discomfort of wearing a mask,” Udin said.

Under the revised plan, dance students will still be required to wear masks unless their instructor deems the activity strenuous. In this case, masks can come down but only if social distancing can be maintained.

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The council should hold discussions soon and revisit the subject of masking during the next legislative session.