Premiere: FILM “I’ve always loved trance”

New Delhi-based DJ and producer FILM will release his self-titled debut album via Qilla Records this month. Listen to “I’ve Always Loved Trance” below.

Inspired by hip-hop and pop production techniques, party starter Medium Rare carves 13 tracks of high definition electronic music. Aiming to write songs that tell a story, rather than tracks that serve the club, he uses detailed sound design and creative sampling to build an album that feels thematically rich, while packing a big punch. .

FILM is known for its genre-hopping DJ sets, where left-wing techno, jungle, hip-hop and warpy rhythm science converge. These are all present on his debut LP, and more: the acid stepper “Discordia” samples opposition members of India’s parliament berating the Home Secretary; dubwise chugger ‘Formless’ samples weird video game speech; “Drill Masala” puts a rippling, cosmic spin on the globetrotting sound; ‘DBRK’ plunges a hardcore breakbeat into PHAT Korg Arp Odyssey bass; PLPFCTN samples dialogue from Pulp Fiction.

In the album’s closing track, a tribute to his late mother, FILM samples an interview with Matrix star Keanu Reeves. In a break with the rhythmic and hushed atmosphere of Boards Of Canada, the actor answers the question: “What do you think happens when we die?” “. “I know we will miss those who love us,” he simply replies at the end of the song.

“I’ve Always Liked Trance” is, as its title might suggest, one of the most energetic cuts on the album, blending a hard-hitting techno beat with rattling tablas and euphoric synths. Check it out below.

‘FILM’ will be released on May 28. Pre-order it here.