Rayhan Rafi’s new film ‘Nisshash’ will be released on Chorki

Poran’s famous director Rayhan Rafi’s new webfilm Nisshash will soon be released on the OTT Chorki platform.

A teaser for the film was posted on Chorki’s official Facebook page on August 20, where upcoming actress Tasnia Farin was seen playing the lead role.

Speaking about the film, Rafi said that Nisshash’s direction, style and genre are totally different from his other works.

“I’m lucky that one of my films is released on an OTT platform such as Chorki. Thousands of people around the world are streaming Chorki, which means my film is going to be exposed to a lot of people at the same time,” Rafi said.

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Responding to a question, the director said that he is a person who lives among movies.

“My life is a film in itself. I’m always busy with something related to movies. I haven’t even taken a week off since I started working on movies. Maybe that’s why I was able to deliver so much work in such a short time,” Rafi added.

The director also said he wanted to give audiences something worth watching.

“We had to build a huge set because around 50 to 60 artists worked on the film. I did my best not to let the public say that he wasted his money on something unbecoming. I hope the teaser for the film has given the audience an idea of ​​what’s to come,” Rafi said.