Red Antagonist Uta Breaks ‘Gruff Villain Dudes’ Trend [NYCC]

“Luffy is an enigma,” says Luci Christian, the voice of Nami, so accessing Luffy’s past through his reunion with his childhood friend Uta is inherently fascinating. “Someone was wondering why Luffy was looking for a musician in Episode 3. Now we know,” said Ian Sinclair, the voice of Brook.

Without giving much away, Colleen Clinkenbeard shared that Uta represents what happens in the world of “One Piece”, where “there are good pirates and bad pirates”. How the division of good and bad pirates affects the world is where Uta comes in.

Director Goro Taniguchi wanted to take this film in a different direction from previous feature films, and Uta’s writing was that gateway to setting new precedents:

‘In a lot of’A play’ movies, there are usually gruff villains. And [Oda] wanted to give an important role to a female role. And we thought we should have this main female character sing, because Oda-sensei really likes music, so I thought that would be a really good combination. Lo and behold, he was really into the idea and he was very involved in the film and took a personal approach to it.”

The moderator then recommended the song “Genesis”, which is on the top charts in Japan.

Producer Hiroaki Shibata reported that there will be seven vocal songs, with the composers all hand-picked by Oda: “Oda-san would listen [them] and give us your opinion. It’s safe to say there’s an Oda signature on every song in this movie.”