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The stigma surrounding academic specializations that can offer a stable career and those that do not continues to be in the spotlight today. However, senior graduate Rudy Ortiz is determined to fight this stigma.

Ortiz is one of 506 students graduating this semester from Our Lady of the Lake University. However, a major difference that sets Ortiz apart from the rest of this promotion is that he is the only Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts and New Media student who will take the stage at this ceremony.

“I am a visual arts and new media major without a minor. The reason I chose this degree is that art has always been a passion for me, ”said Ortiz.

Like most students, Ortiz found himself changing subjects early on. “I actually changed specializations a few times because I wanted a ‘successful’ career path, but no major I chose was right for me. It wasn’t until I let go of the bad stigma people let me believe about not finding a job in art that I was able to pursue what I love to do. I believe that in order to live a happy and successful life you have to do what you love and not let other people’s thoughts tell you otherwise, ”he said.

Ortiz was accepted by OLLU on site when they came to his high school. “OLLU was just down the street from where I lived and the more I looked at it the more I felt it was a good game for me. In the end, I had no regrets about coming to OLLU, ”he said.

While at OLLU, Ortiz got involved with Art, Ink, and Alpha Sigma. Art, Ink “is an organization open to anyone interested in art in any form whatsoever”, and Alpha Sigma is “the honorary society of art in Notre-Dame du Lac”, he said. he declares. Ortiz was Treasurer of Art, Ink this year. “These organizations marked me by introducing me to other students passionate about art. In fact, when I started attending OLLU, there was no active arts organization. It was only after creating Art, Ink that I was able to meet new people and future friends, ”he added.

After graduating from undergraduate degree, Ortiz said he plans to go to graduate school to learn “more skills to improve my art work and hopefully teach others about the art world.” . I want art to be important for society because it is an integral part of our life and our culture as human beings. Art is put aside for more “academic” courses, but I believe that art is found in every subject. I have this need to get people who say they’re not artistic to create something and no matter how hard they fight I push them to create. I’m not doing it to be mean but to show them that we all have the potential to create, we each have a different perspective in this life so why not share it. It is also because of this that I am told that I should become a teacher, ”said Ortiz.

Ortiz is proud to be a graduate of an OLLU saint and said, “Attending OLLU has changed me in a positive way, before attending you could tell I was not aware of anything that was going on. was going on in the world around me. Coming here has brought me to a state of mind where I know I can make an impact in this world if I wanted to. No one is helpless. All of the doctors and professors here have amazing stories about the impact they have had in their lives and in the lives of others and that is something that I am looking for. Before, I just wanted to get a degree, have a good career, earn a lot of money to buy myself what I want. Now I want to help not only myself but also others to make this negative world a little less negative, ”Ortiz said.

As a student in the Visual Arts and New Media program, Ortiz prepared his senior art exhibition under the guidance of Associate Art Professor Debora Vasquez, MFA.

“In all art classes, they have to do an article, a work of art reflecting that article, and then a presentation. By the time they graduate and do their final show, they present like the pros and that’s one of the things I’m very proud of, ”Vasquez said.

Ortiz presented his art exhibition ‘Desde La Raiz’ on Tuesday April 30 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the Blue Room. After discussing his inspiration for the art exhibition, those in attendance were allowed to walk around and view the works of art on display. In her exhibition statement, Ortiz said “while I was doing works of art, the voice of artist Natalia Lafourcade broke my concentration. I knew then that I wanted to create illustrations around the concept of his song. Desde La Raiz is about the times we all go through in life (whether good or bad) and how those times help shape the person we become. I want people to embrace every second they see and feel because it’s part of existence. Even though it can sometimes be difficult to do, it becomes the only way out of the dark. In these paintings, I captured moments of my life that I didn’t share with a lot of people, but felt that this was the right way forward for my very first exhibition.

After graduating, Ortiz hopes “to let others know that in this life you have to do what makes you happy.” I want others to see that through hard work and dedication anything is possible. Everyone’s voice will be heard, especially if you are persistent enough, ”he said.

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