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Broadcasting live from inside Antonov International Airport (aka Hostomel Airport), just 15 miles from the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, CNN reporter Matthew Chance gave viewers the first glimpse of Russian soldiers by revealing how they had allowed him to film after taking control of the airport. Mr Chance even told viewers that moments before the broadcast he witnessed intense fighting between the two sides.

The footage comes as a full-scale invasion of Ukraine launched by Russia in the early hours of Thursday is currently underway on the orders of President Vladimir Putin.

Cruise and ballistic missiles began the attack at dawn as Russia pounded Ukrainian military bases as well as checkpoints and command posts and civilian infrastructure.

Casualties were reported on both sides.

But speaking from Antonov Airport, Mr Chance said: “We flew out of the center of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, and we are here at Antonov Airport, which is about 15 miles away. outside the center.

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“These troops that you can see here are Russian airborne forces.

“They took this airport, they allowed us to come in and be with them as they defend the perimeter of this airbase here.”

Mr Chance explained how the troops landed in the early morning to “form an airlift”.

He even added that he spoke with a commander of the group who said Russian forces “now control the airport”.

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Heavy shelling fell on Kyiv and the country’s second largest city, Kharkiv, as well as other sites.

Following the aerial bombardment, troops poured in from the north, east and south as the scale of the attack materialized, with 10 regions of Ukraine under siege.

But Ukrainian troops returned fire and claimed to have inflicted heavy casualties on the Russians.

Western leaders are now scrambling to respond with sanctions, ruling out military action because Ukraine is not a NATO member.