Seniors at Eagle Tech Academy in Columbia City discuss their latest short film projects

Columbia City High School’s Eagle Tech Academy offers students the opportunity to create their own short film as part of their Senior Film Lit course.

Panels from all seven different films sat down ahead of their June 2 premiere, to talk about their films and the obstacles they faced while making them.

Seniors Tristan Saye, Ivan Lesley and Jake Straub set out to tell a story of love and human connection in an apocalyptic world with their film Boris’ Game. Saye talks about the difficulties encountered while making the film and how his real-life experiences influenced the lead character’s journey.


Cassie takes a dark look at how mental health services can fail. Elders Angel Yelton and Caris Murphy wanted to start a dialogue about teen mental health and how all the right resources may not always work for someone who lacks support.

secret cabal

In an accidentally comedic tribute to morality-testing media like Breaking Bad, seniors Matthew Hoskins, Hailey Whiteleather and Allan Maggard tell the story of a student resource worker who, desperate to pay his son’s medical bills, begins selling drugs to students.


In their film Equivocal, seniors Jack Mills, Ian Harold, Jackson Moore and Peyton Pope wanted to tell a story about moralities in war and how grief and loss can warp our perception of justice.

The last class

As graduating seniors, Hannah Tower, Adelyn Berry and Tabitha Barcus decided to tap into their own experiences and anxieties to tell the story of a girl who is dangerously close to not graduating from high school – and people who gathered around her to help her get there.

The Panic Party

The Panic Party is a comedic slasher film that pays great homage to a phenomenon that defined the horror genre at the turn of the last century. Seniors Keelan Stewart, Connor Cornwell, Zoe Krick and Amanda South used an impressive six lead cast to tell a story of jealousy.

Through the ringtone

Seniors Earl Herron and Tyler Darley had no shortage of obstacles when making this movie about battling depression and addiction, including the decision to scrap their entire original project to start from scratch with only a week left. .