Shuswap Film Society: Moving and Heartbreaking Film Nowhere Special Comes to Salmar

I have to admit I cried watching the trailer for our upcoming Shuswap Film Society Nowhere Special.

“It’s 90 minutes to warm your heart and break it simultaneously,” wrote one reviewer.

Nowhere Special is a moving drama about an incredibly difficult situation, one that Italian director Uberto Pasolini based on a newspaper article he discovered about a single father who, before dying of cancer, spent his final months to find a foster family for her young son. . He set it up in Belfast, where John is a window washer, dying of brain cancer, whose ex left when his 4-year-old son Michael was a baby. John has no family but is a good, selfless parent who wants to give his beloved son the opportunities he never had. His quest is to find a new “perfect” two-parent family for Michael when John is gone, while trying to protect his son from the terrible reality of the situation.

Visiting one potential family after another, John desperately takes stock of the character of the couples, the nature of their relationship, and his instincts and feelings toward them. How can he judge a family from a brief encounter? Does he know his own child well enough to choose the right parents for him? The decision seems to be getting harder, not easier, and John is overwhelmed, struggling to find the right answer to his impossible dilemma. He comes to accept the help of a young social worker, who opens him up to situations he would never have considered.

Ultimately, John realizes the need to share the truth with his son and follow his childhood instincts on the most important decision of their lives. The love between this father and his son elevates this story about approaching death and anger at the injustice of having to leave his child. It’s beautifully played, understated, thoughtful and tender.

Special shows nowhere earlier than 4 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 19 at The Classic.

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