Single punishment for violating traffic rules, film shown instead of challan

Moradabad: A bizarre incident broke out on Saturday afternoon in which drivers of vehicles who did not obey traffic rules saw a film in the police line. Then they were released with a warning. The video film shows how burdensome it can be for them not to obey traffic rules. A vehicle control campaign is carried out in the city by the traffic police.

On Saturday, vehicles were checked at various crossroads in the city. The police caught two-wheelers without helmets, four-wheelers without seat belts, talking on the phone because of driving, and those driving on the wrong side and sent them to the police station. Afterwards, a film motivating them to obey traffic rules was shown on the projector.

For this reason, SP Traffic Ashok Kumar was also present in the auditorium. Those who rode bicycles without a helmet, did not fasten their seat belts while driving the car, as well as those who broke any type of rule were arrested and taken to the Police Line auditorium. For this reason, a video clip was also made about the accident caused by disregarding traffic rules and its harmful effects on the family.

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