Sonic 2’s Jeff Fowler Wants To Direct A Smash Bros. Movie

The characters from Super Smash Bros.  Nintendo's Ultimate.

Picture: nintendo

The theatrical success of sonic the hedgehog and his sequel now published seem to break the cursed streak of video game movies. The Blue Blur and his friends must have more live adventures before them, but Sonic as a character has a gaming story that goes far beyond fight Dr. Robotnik and make a variety of animal friends.

Recently, director Jeff Fowler explained how open he would be to directing a Nintendo film adaptation. Super Smash Bros. The acclaimed fighting game franchise has brought in characters from a host of video game franchises since 1999 and has received massive critical and commercial acclaim. (Sonic himself joined the list in 2008 Brawl Smash Bros..) “Nothing would make me happier than throwing all the characters into a battle royale,” Fowler said. “Having Mario and Sonic in the ring, I mean everyone was dying to, right? It’s just classic. Of course the big thing holding a Smash Bros. adaptation to see the light of day is the licensing issue. Beyond Nintendo and Sega, the franchise has attracted characters from Bandai Namco Tekken, Capcom’s street fighter and mega man franchises and Square Enix Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. Legal work would have to be done before such a project started, but if it happened, Fowler would be ready to do it.

Crossovers being all the rage these days, not just for moviesbut also for games and TV– it seems likely that Super Smash Bros. will be getting some sort of leap to expanded media in the near future. Having a fairly large and eclectic cast on hand seems like a solid enough setup to create a movie franchise or TV series, because mortal combat showed us with his two live-action films. (Who wouldn’t want to see Toon Link get his head stomped by Steve from Minecraft for a few hours?) What will be interesting to see is how this will shape up, given that the video game adaptation boom has a pretty solid separation between live action and animation at the moment.

sonic the hedgehog 2 is in theaters now. Let us know in the comments below how (or if) you think an adaptation of Super Smash Bros. would work.


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