Starz Performing Arts Academy Makes History With Granada Vacation Program

BLUEFIELD, W.Va. (WVVA) – Saturday marked a historic first for the Granada Theater and the Starz Performing Arts Academy.

For the first time since its renovation, the Granada hosted live performances with the “Starz Winter Wonderland” program offered by the Green Valley-based dance academy.

The dance revue included classical ballet and holiday-themed shows such as Marzipan and Sugar Plum Ferry.

Gabrielle Massie, owner and one of the choreographers for many of the dances performed over the weekend, told our Joshua Bolden that she was asked to be the first to perform live since the renovation and step onto a scene with such a rich history is surreal for her and the dancers.

“We were so excited to be the first here for over 40 years since before 1978,” Massie said.

While the theater retains most of the original infrastructure and design from its opening in 1928; some of the items inside are replicas (trace through old photographs) that match the original integrity.

“It’s such an amazing space and having it in our own hometown of Bluefield is just a dream,” Massie said. “It’s something I dreamed of when I was growing up here.”

One of the completely original elements is the stage which has been graced by dance legend Frank Sinatra and more, making it even more exciting for Starz Performing Arts Academy alumni and current students.

“The fact that Frank Sinatra performed on this stage which was on a whole different level of [whoa] for the kids and of course for some of them I had to explain who Frank Sinatra was, which was great fun too,” owner of the dance academy.

The start of the live performance weekend continues at 2 p.m. Sunday.

Tickets are $12 and concessions will be sold.

Local restaurants such as the Blue Spoon Cafe will stay open later to cater to the crowds as well.

If you want more information about the Starz Performing Arts Academy, click here.

Starz Performing Arts Academy is located at 417 Blue Prince Road, Bluefield, WV

The Granada is located at 537 Commerce Street, Bluefield, WV

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