STOMP at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts

A lone man walks towards the center of the stage pushing a broom. The crowd begins to calm down as he shuffles across the stage. The next 105 minutes are nothing but flowing energy. Unconventional everyday objects are used to produce music, rhythm and sound. The high energy and vibrancy of this performance was a great addition to the Anchorage Concert Association’s lineup this spring, especially after a 2 year hiatus from live theater.

The lighting was one of the most impressive parts of the whole production. The dark lighting was well complemented by the glow of the figures on each wall. This added to the liveliness of the production, in addition to the responsive audience that gathered at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts that evening. Everything about this show worked like a well-oiled machine. Between the comedic timing of the actors, the spirit of the audience, and the perfectly covered broken props, STOMP kept the audience laughing throughout the show. The performer’s ability to improvise during the snafus, a broken broom here, a dropped bucket there, kept the show running smoothly. One of the standout parts of this show was the storytelling. The performers told a whole story with their bodies, their music and their profession. Not a single word spoken in 105 minutes of performance.

Overall, STOMP was electrifying and a unique and fantastic production. I look forward to similar shows being produced at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts.