Telugu series Karthika Deepam to be adapted into film soon: report

Star Maa’s popular soap opera, Karthika Deepam, will soon be adapted for cinema. The show’s storyline, as well as its successful broadcast on television, has worked wonders in garnering a huge fandom. It has been reported that due to Karthika Deepam’s consistently high TRP ratings, the show will be adapted into a film for a theatrical experience. However, the makers of the film have been tight-lipped about development.

Reportedly, the star actors of the TV show will bring their characters to life in the film. Meanwhile, fans are wondering how the daily soap will turn into a movie. Sources familiar with the soap revealed that only a few scenes from the series will be shortlisted to form the plot for the upcoming film. If this idea comes to fruition, then Karthika Deepam will become the first Telugu show to be presented in film form. Meanwhile, other details about the film have been kept under wraps by the makers.

For the uninitiated, Karthika Deepam is also available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar. In other news, an interesting plot twist awaits audiences on Karthila Deepam as Vantalakka will be seen returning to the series after a 10-year hiatus. Lead actress Premi Vishwanath broke the news to fans via Instagram, leaving ardent fans of the show in a frenzy.

In the Telugu show’s latest promo, when Monitha tries to get close to Dr. Karthik. He receives a call from a hospital, based in Hyderabad. Karthik learns where Deepa is from the hospital. The latest plot twist is sure to change the fates of Monitha, Deepa and Karthik, yet again.

Premi Vishwanath shared the promo on his Instagram handle and wrote a detailed note in the caption. For a long time, Premi was not part of Karthika Deepam.

Now, the 10-year jump in the plot will mark her return to the series. This news of his return has left Karthika Deepum viewers excited for Deepa and Karthik’s reunion. Indeed, many fans are also eager to know Monitha’s reaction when she finds out that Deepa is alive.

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