The movie that ended Pran-Raj Kapoor’s friendship

The legendary late Bollywood actor, Pran, has carved out a niche for himself in the film industry as the greatest villain ever born. Pran was so prolific in negative roles that they called him the villain of the millennium. This famous star was born on February 12, 1920 in Ballimaran, Delhi. Today, Pran is no longer with us but there are various interesting incidents associated with him. Today marks Pran’s 101st birthday. Recall how his friendship with Raj Kapoor turned sour and Pran vowed never to work with RK films.

The shooting of the movie Bobby

Raj Kapoor and Pran were best friends at one time. It was Bobby’s movie payment, which turned out to be the cause of their friendship ending on a sour note. According to the media, Raj Kapoor, to make Bobby, had rented out his wife’s jewelry and belongings.

The making of this film had weighed on Raj’s financial situation. He spoke to Pran to play the role of Rishi Kapoor’s father. Raj explained to Pran that it was difficult to pay his usual fees, but he could accommodate his other demands. Seeing his friend suffering from a difficult financial situation, Pran agreed to work for a token amount of Rs 1. Pran said that Raj could pay him if the film was a success, otherwise forget about it. Raj accepted.

Fate rewarded Raj’s efforts and Bobby became a super hit. Raj Kapoor signed a check for Rs 1 Lakh as Pran’s fee. Pran was appalled. For Pran, this amount was pure betrayal. Pran felt cheated after working for Raj under dire circumstances and receiving a meager sum of Rs 1 Lakh. After that, he vowed never to work with RK Films again.

Pran won Best Supporting Actor for his films Upkar, Ansoo Ban Gaye Phool and Be-Imaan. He worked in several movies like Paap Ki Duniya, Sharaabi and Ram aur Shyam.

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